• CRAB 001
  • CRAB 002
  • CRAB 006
  • Description

    The CRAB (Combat Reconnaissance Armoured Buggy) is a new concept in armoured combat vehicles, able to carry out a wide range of missions: raids, reconnaissance, security, control of areas, support for the work of special forces.

    Exceptional mobility

    • The CRAB, an armoured 8-10 ton vehicle, is characterised by its exceptional tactical mobility provided by a very powerful engine, long-stroke suspension and large diameter wheels.
    • One of the CRABs distinguishing features is its exotic mobility which gives it exceptional performance in complex environments: its ability to move quickly in reverse gear with the assistance of a rear camera, move laterally by turning both axles towards the same side (which accounts for its name, CRAB) and make a U-turn within a diameter of ten metres! An electric generator/starter motor gives it a boost function and the ability to move silently, with its engine turned off, on battery power.


    • The crew is protected in a heavily-armoured survival cell against mines, IEDs and machine-gun fire. It is provided with comfortable, anti-mine seats. A large armoured windscreen and proximity cameras provide a fully panoramic view, a crucial step in target acquisition and situation awareness.
  • Characteristics
    Overall features
    Vehicle's structure : monocoque
    GVW : 10,000
    Crew: 3
    Maximum speed : 110 km/h
    Amphibious capacity : NO
    Endurance : 800 km
    Ballistic (STANAG OTAN 4569): 3
    Mines / EEI (STANAG OTAN 4569): 2b/3a