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  • VBL 00942
  • Description

    The reference in reconnaissance vehicles

    • With sixteen customers on four continents, the VBL has had an established status as a reference vehicle for the last twenty years. The 2,300 units produced to date are used in daily operations throughout the world. Available in 25 versions, the VBL performs a wide range of missions in a combat, security, reconnaissance, surveillance and intervention role in armed forces.
    • As an armoured 4x4 vehicle weighing 4 tons in combat order, the VBL can carry a payload of one ton, with a three-man crew. With its stealth profile and amphibious capability, the VBL is the spearhead of reconnaissance units in the French Army and many other countries.

    Mobility and agility

    • One of the VBL's qualities is its excellent mobility: quick and very agile on and off road due to its independent suspension. It is also amphibious, air-transportable and air-droppable. In France, the armoured rapid intervention force largely consists of VBLs. It provides an airborne intervention force with an armoured capability.


  • Characteristics
    Overall features
    Vehicle's structure: monocoque
    GVW : 5,000
    Empty weight: 4,100
    Crew : 3
    Maximum speed: 110 km/h
    Amphibious capability
    Endurance (km): 700
    Ballistic protection (STANAG 4569): N1
    Mine protection (STANAG 4569): N1